WeWork has worked hard to position itself as a fast-growing tech company with a bright future. SoftBank agreed to invest in the company at a $47 billion dollar valuation. But is it really worth that much?

Let’s take a balanced view on how much WeWork is worth, looking at the…

I’m not a biologist. But I do know a few things about aging. And I did come to an interesting conclusion that may actually make you want to upload your DNA to your favorite cloud storage.

Cells replicate naturally. As they replicate, two things happen: the DNA is copied, and…

Apache Pig is one of my favorite programming languages. Pig is a “data flow” language — kind of a hybrid between SQL and a procedural language. It mostly resembles bash one-liners that pipe data in and out.

Pig is not being used anymore, because it was replaced by different tools…

Ron Reiter

An entrepreneur, and a web expert.

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