The difference between Sign in with Google and Identity Management

Signing in with Google

Federated Identity Management

What happens when you “Sign in with Google”?

  1. If you use Google as an authentication provider, the SaaS service (e.g. Salesforce) will create a new user entity and manage it on its own. It will allow you to set a password and administer your user settings on your own. Your organization will not be able to administer your Salesforce user in any way, and will not be able to log into your account, change your user permissions, or delete it.
  2. If you use Google as an identity management solution, the SaaS service (e.g. Salesforce) will create a custom 1:1 extension entity which represents the extra metadata it needs to store on the federated user — but will use the identity management as the “user database” to interact with the user’s configuration. For example, if the SaaS would want to know the full name, department, or the groups in which the user is currently part of (for internal authorization, e.g. which Salesforce information is the user allowed to access or is he an admin) it would query the identity management directly for that information.

Why is it sub-optimal to go with Google as the “option”?




An entrepreneur, and a web expert.

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Ron Reiter

Ron Reiter

An entrepreneur, and a web expert.

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